Find Your Way Through Panay Gulf’s Paradise

Stressed? Pressured? Bored? Well, dearie, you just need a vacation! Ever been to Guimaras Island? If your answer to this question is Nope, however the island has been in your bucket list for quite sometime now since some friends told you about it or you’ve seen some photos of it and you definitely want to go, then this blog is for you. If you want to experience peace and quiet getaway, then please keep on reading.

Guimaras Island provides a blissful blend of community-based rural tourism, educational and heritage sites, island-hopping and sightseeing attractions , and the agri-eco-adventure tourism circuits. It is located in the Western Visayas region where the Panay Gulf separating the island of Panay and Negros is located. With beautiful beaches and lots of fun destinations for you to go to, you can experience the island’s naturally-grown produce, vibrant culture, and hospitable people all in one go. This is the island that should suit your travelling preferences!

This island is approximately 20 minutes away from Iloilo City by boat, which you can ride from the port of Parola for only Php14. You also have the option of negotiating with boat owners if you want exclusivity packages, which is perfect if you’re travelling with a big group!

However, we offer an easier way for you to go to this picturesque island: you just need to click on either of our offers! You can click on “trip planning”, which helps you plan, create and customize your own options, or you can go to “tour packages” to have a look at our featured pre-chosen destinations. Whichever option you choose, you and your friends will definitely experience the popular and beautiful sites of the island only in Discover Guimaras!

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