How to Discover Guimaras: The Many Ways of Eating Mango

Mangoes are arguably the lifeblood of Guimaras Island. And really, who are we to question it? After all, if the island can have a whole festival dedicated solely for the celebration of mangoes, then that is a god indication of why the fruit itself has been constantly cited as one of the best reasons to discover Guimaras!

But of course, some people feel that only eating mangoes as they are–sweet, sticky, and all-around delicious!–can be kind of boring. Thankfully, there are many ways to make sure that you can try out different varieties in enjoying your mangoes as much as knowing that you can also enjoy your seafood either steamed or grilled! Read below to know some ideas on how you could consume mangoes!

Mango Shake

Surely, this item has to make sense? You will be going to Guimaras Island, a little place in the Philippines which is a country that is quite notorious for having the hottest and most humid weather around. So, what’s the best way to enjoy your stay in Guimaras, then? Well, it’s by having a cool drink at hand, and none can be more refreshing than drinking mango shake that is sourced directly from the island!

Of course, there are also other “liquid” forms of mango that you can enjoy in Guimaras like mango beer or mango ice cream (don’t argue). But for your money’s worth, the refreshing nature of the mango shake is something that just can’t be beaten!

Mango Float

Filipinos love the sweet stuff. With the way mangoes are revered here, it should come as no surprise that Guimarasnons have a pretty sophisticated palate when it comes to the sweets. So, if you combine mangoes with, say, cake, then what do you get?

Well, this is where the delicious mango float gets created! It’s not exactly a “cake” per se as much as it is a dessert made with graham crackers, a favorite staple among Filpinos because of its cheap price.

It also helps that it can be very easy to prepare too, which lends itself well to the low-cost mentality of Guimarasnons willing to prepare food for less resources! If you still have not tried it out, then we can guarantee that you’ll have a treat with it!

Mango Pizza

So, you think putting fruit on your pizza is weird? Well, you may change your opinion when you finally try out the magic of Guimaras’s mango pizza! It actually has only been a couple of years when the local restos started serving their own versions of mango pizzas, so you would be forgiven if you may not have heard of it before.

But really, there is no reason why you should not have heard of it before: it is a pizza that is made from mangoes! Really, that is the most awesome visual you can even think of for this purpose! And it should prove to taste great, too!

So, these are only a few ways you can make specific dishes out of your Guimaras mangoes! Do you want to discover Guimaras in all its other aspects? Well then, visit our homepage at to learn more!

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