Mango: A Taste of Everything-Guimaras

Your trip in the island wouldn’t be complete if you won’t be able to taste the sweetest mangoes on Earth! Aside from the adventures and white sand beaches the island offers, Guimaras Island is famous for being the producer of the sweetest mangoes you can find anywhere in the world.

Mangoes in the island are grown naturally and it is a tradition for tourists to try different menus of food made from mangoes as its main ingredients.

One of the most sought-after food for visitors is the one and only Mango Pizza. Some might find this weird; however, having mangoes in a pizza creates such an interesting flavor when mixed with cheese and other naturally grown ingredients. Tourists will surely love this treat! Aside from pizza, you can also try the Spicy Mango Pasta and Mango Spaghetti with mango juice for dessert. If you want to have lunch, then Mango Bulalo and Chicken Adobo with a Twist will definitely satisfy your cravings!

Similarly, mangoes can also be made into condiments like mango sauce. Tourists can still enjoy the goodness of mangoes in their own cooking by bringing home some mango condiments. All of these treats add up to the “spice” that tourists visiting the island will surely discover for themselves. So, if you’re still sitting in front of your computer, well it’s time pack up and discover Guimaras, dearie!

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