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Tultul is an artisanal salt block which originated at Barangay Hoskyn, Jordan and is kept alive by the family of Serafin and Emma Ganila who’ve been engaged in this craft for generations. It is made with the ashes of driftwood or dagsa and is soaked and boiled in seawater and strained down with coconut milk for savory flavor.

Tultul-making is an old age tradition and has become a rarity nowadays. It is a tedious process and requires hard work and discipline. It cannot be done throughout the year because of low salinity of seawater and lack of raw materials especially during the rainy season.

Tultul is used as a viand by the locals by dabbing it on steaming hot rice dribbled with lard or oil and can also be used as a condiment for cooking. It has a longer shelf life and does not melt easily.

For orders and reservations, you may contact Brgy. Captain Kaizer Monreal at mobile number 09307726597.

Source: Community Based Rural Tourism Hoskyn, JordanPhoto Credits:
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